portrait_gregGreg Punch

He thinks he knows everything about all movies when in fact he really only knows something about some movies… but the knowledge of those five movies is wide and deep.

In the past Greg has worked as a writer / director on dramatised training videos; as a documentary and TV news cameraman; film editor; theatre reviewer; producer of radio documentaries and devised and delivered training materials to accountants.  This last activity he states, “…was no fun whatsoever.”

Greg’s background in film & television production ensures that he always picks up on the things that many people often miss in films – logic in storyline and character, editing technique, the finer points of lighting.  To watch a movie with him can be very annoying but the experience will double your film related vocabulary.

He has a very critical eye – two in fact – and his ears are just as critical so no sloppy sound recording or mixing around him, thank you.  He has a simple and firm A to B criteria for a good movie, defining “A” as “Artistic integrity” and “B” as “Better not waste my time with shallow crap.”

He names Barbara Stanwyck and Marjorie Main among many of his thesbian icons and has been known to watch Laura Linney reading the telephone book (yes, she is that good!).

As for the current dollar earning jobs, they’re highly varied.  He can still be seen writing and directing corporate and promotional videos; photographing architecture (he has a kinky streak for old theatre and cinema buildings); as a vision switcher on mediocre drama performed by equally mediocre actors (translates to television coverage of State Parliament).

Under the cover of dark he sometimes works as a location autocue / teleprompt operator, carefully controlling the words coming out of the mouths of others.