At present CRACKS is on an indefinite break.

It’s time to rest, regroup and consider other projects, BUT, there will be a “making of” special late in 2017.


To provide previously overlooked and undervalued films with a fair go!

If the words “blockbuster”, “multiplex”, “franchise” or “see it in IMAX” give you a special little thrill, or anything starring Katherine Heigl or this month’s Step-Up sequel, you won’t be happy in this place so please GO AWAY NOW!

The film reviews on this site centre around feature length, rough gems and un recognised mini masterpieces – small scale, “indi”, rich in substance, thought provoking, occasionally confronting and some are just great fun!

One thing all the films share is a varying degree of neglect. They have fallen BETWEEN THE CRACKS of attention by audiences or distributors and just didn’t get the exposure they deserved.  Perhaps they were swamped by the big budget noise makers or they were sighted at a handful of wreath adorning festivals but never got within coo-ee of your local supermarket’s DVD vending machine.

From time to time some reviews will appear for films that aren’t necessarily great – they might be a bit under baked – but contain some very worthy ingredients that provide a tasty few hours of cinematic mastication (who wrote this?).

Of course there are also exceptions, small films that did find an appreciative audience (and maybe even made some money… imagine that!), but their shining time in the sun was way too brief, so here, we hope, they will have a second chance to share their inner glow with you (that’s even worse than the last paragraph!).


BETWEEN THE CRACKS is not directly aligned with any particular film distributor or production company.

The aim is to be fair, independent and unswayed in critique by tawdry incentives like expensive cars, shiny new production equipment, cases of really good wine or lots of cash… but all reasonable offers will be considered.

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